Habilva get started


You can choose to set up a skype, WhatsApp or phone  discussion right away if you’re the type 

that likes live conversation or you can choose to receive an e-mail with answers to

your questions. In consultations, take as much time as you need to understand if we’re

 the fit for you.

Once we decide to partner together, we sign an agreement covering policies

& Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement and complete payment process


What happens Once We Work Together?

You are assigned to a  dedicated Virtual Assistant.

Your Virtual Assistant will get in touch with you daily (or as frequently as you wish) to

 see how your  team may be of support that day. You can communicate or send

projects using any channel you wish (phone, whatsapp, e-mail, text, Skype, etc.) Send

 us a task — and consider it done!


To know further, send an email to info@habilva.com